House of Darkness

House of Light

Excerpt from Volume 1

This woman is not alone. There are others…many others…who share her fate; what some may describe as a fate worse than death. Perhaps she is the one who tucked the girls in at night, the one who loved them well and tenderly kissed their foreheads and smelled of flowers and fruit. It was a presence of comfort and caring; one who never meant to frighten or disturb youngsters in their own beds. Instead, she was a light in the darkness of night; someone to watch over them. It was this presence which tempered their fear. In the framework of an inexplicable existence for a family dwelling in a house alive with death, it was a welcome presence, a protective influence in an otherwise scary place. She was not the only one. Johnny Arnold, presumably a relative, made the same dire decision to take his own life in the eaves of the house where he remains. As gentle a soul as the elderly woman, he made his presence known to all. He was an omnipresent spirit from the day they arrived at the farm, there to greet them in the shadow of a doorway, one cast as a figment from another dimension. Leaning back into his perpetual pose, watching, no doubt wondering about a sudden changing of the guard, he too would soon become a familiar part of the landscape. And then there was Bathsheba…a God-forsaken soul.

Consider this a proper introduction to but a few of the many who dwell among the living in a house revealing just as many secrets. It took time for the mortals involved; decades to realize, ultimately, they were glad to meet them. What they learned was well worth it, though it cannot be simply stated as in the final analysis because this subject will be subject to analysis for the rest of their natural born lives. The lone fear remaining among them is a potential for an unwelcome postmortem return to the house they abandoned so long ago as each will eventually, inevitably enter the realm of supernatural life at the threshold of death’s door: a fear of being drawn home again, there to resolve the questions left unanswered during mortal existence; drawing each of them back to their place in the country, as it had done in life…perhaps with purpose and reason.

Andrea Perron


“Nothing in the entire universe ever perishes, believe me, but things vary, and adopt a

new form. The phrase ‘being born’ is used for beginning to be something different from

what one was before, while ‘dying’ means ceasing to be the same. Though this thing may

pass into that, and that into this, yet the sums of things remain unchanged.”