House of Darkness

House of Light

A Supernatural Family Reunion

At one time or another in our lives, all of us have met someone who appears to be strikingly familiar, someone who we seem to know before we meet. The formal introduction feels like a warm embrace, regardless of whether or not we actually touch the other person. A kinship is established with ease and that certain knowing accompanies each word and glance exchanged. In these rare and precious moments we become our higher selves, sensing a unity in and continuity about the cosmos which has mysteriously drawn us together -- no doubt, with purpose and reason. Mutual transcendence occurs as the privileged individuals involved record every shared moment in memory, for posterity. Upon reflection, such significant events frame the portrait of a life well-lived, one touched by the grace of infinite mind.

My life has been sprinkled and spiced with the deliberate happenstance mortals often call coincidence, a word we've invented to explain the otherwise inexplicable. Divine design is invisible, yet it manifests in ways we can hardly interpret and should merely accept as a gift bestowed. My most recent gift appeared in the form of a weekend spent among "family" in Aiken, South Carolina. Leitreanna and Matthew Brown and company became my companions on an incredible journey through time and space, history and mystery. There with the intention of conducting a paranormal investigation of the area, with a plan to film a series of interviews, the agenda was insignificant to the events. What transpired was far more meaningful.

How appropriate that Lei and Matt named their group "Family Spirit". What they do has helped so many souls lost in their frantic search for answers to a dilemma which presents itself as supernatural activity, usually within their own homes. This couple works diligently to expose the truth of any given situation and researches the corresponding history, as few spirits ever attach to a home that was not once their own. The respectful approach is always to assume that the home place being investigated is still their home, at least according to the perception of spirits who linger behind, earth bound by a desire to remain, there to conduct any unfinished business. As we discovered at the inn where we were so graciously invited to stay, some don't move on because they died believing they were not allowed to leave the premises, a tragic result occurring beyond death itself.

Without divulging too much of what the investigation revealed, suffice to say that what we learned about each other was equally relevant. Connections were made which transcend time and space. My natural reticence evaporated into the thick, oppressive, one hundred and eight degree air we each attempted to draw into our lethargic, overburdened lungs. Escaping to the relative cool of The Carriage House Inn, we shared stories and explored in ways I never have before. Lei and I are the definition of soul sisters and her children are loved as my own. Unbreakable bonds firmly rooted in our own ancient history, we discovered our shared connections as ancestors gently guided us into the loving arms of one another. Blessings abound.

Before embarking on this remarkable excursion I informed Leitreanna that I had never participated in a paranormal investigation, as I possess a tendency to attract spirits who zap my energy. Assuring me that she would protect me against anything seeking to attach itself, I accepted her words as gospel truth and banished my fears, abandoning them somewhere along the highway on Interstate 20 in Georgia. (Still surprised I wasn't arrested for littering!) When I arrived in Aiken, S.C. it was with a clear mind and an open heart. As it turns out, my role was pivotal. I was supposed to be there, arriving early, just in time to catch the poor woman who collapsed in the restaurant where we'd agreed to meet, while waiting for my new found family. How fortuitous that the woman sitting at an adjacent table just happened to be an emergency medical doctor. As the owner dashed to the phone to call 911, doc and I lowered the cardiac patient to the floor. We instantly began the process of keeping her alive, barely exchanging a word as we did what we were both obviously placed there to do. She apparently survived a massive heart attack. I remain humbled by an experience which I was chosen to participate in as a guardian event I consider touched by an act of divine intervention.

One would suspect that this episode would be the most memorable part of a trip to the Low Country. Far from it. What came later that evening would cause all else to pale in comparison, though it is not my story alone to tell. Leitreanna and Matt are compiling photographs and EVPs, film and text to share with the world, and will do so in the right and proper time. In the interim, we have spoken at length about what we learned and how it happened. I thought I was there to represent my own family story "House of Darkness House of Light". Answering questions posed by the curious, it gave me a chance to clarify a few points. For example, the forthcoming film "The Warren Files" is not based on the trilogy of books but is instead our story told from the perspective of Ed and Lorraine Warren, drawn predominately from their case files of an investigation they conducted in my childhood home. Mundane in comparison to all else which transpired over the thirty hours we spent together, it seems negligible now.

Family is a word so integrated in the human vernacular, a word present in every language which exists on the planet, we tend to use it in reference to our immediate relations, neglecting to consider its broader spectrum of significance. Having spent time and space with my newly extended spiritual family, I now embrace its intrinsic meaning as lovingly as I have held these kindred spirits in my arms. Life is so full of mystery, especially at the crossroads where life and death intersect. There we stood together, in the presence of a lonely, desperate ghost from Aiken, South Carolina, a man who'd presumed he was forever tethered to a house which was once his home. Celebrating the release of a captive soul, a spirit who finally dared to step across its threshold, to feel a sense of freedom for the first time in more than a century, tears filled our mortal eyes. With tender encouragement, he joined us on the sidewalk, there to bid us farewell. He may never leave or he may have already dissipated into the ether. It is his choice to make, now that he knows he can.

Blessed be those brave enough to step beyond the bounds of our limited three-dimensional reality. Those with vision, (the hindsight and foresight to perceive life and death with the third eye), do so unafraid of what may come through the fourth dimension which lingers behind an often invisible veil, within the shadows, waiting for a bright light to illuminate the landscape, a light to follow home. Leitreanna is the Light. Her family has a purpose to fulfill and I have been lovingly accepted into the clan. Yes, indeed. Blessings abound.