House of Darkness

House of Light


To those of you new to this place in cyberspace, welcome! It is so wonderful to have you join us on the journey. I'm here to answer one pressing question, one which continually crops up in a variety of forms. "Why did they stay so long?" It comes in other forms as well, like: "What the hell is wrong with you people!?" (One of my favorites.) As you read the trilogy you will come to understand the intricacies of the multiple answers to the question, however it is posed.

There were many reasons we stayed: a faltering economy and a love of the place, chief among them. Yet, as I reflect back on our time at the farm, I cannot help but believe that we stayed there because we were supposed to stay there. We were supposed to see what we saw, hear what we heard, sense what we sensed in a portal disguised as a farmhouse. We were supposed to tell our secret and share it with the world...not something one should rightfully take to the grave.

We waited thirty years to tell our tale of darkness and light. Everything happens with purpose and reason. In faith, with trust that we're all ready to share it, the premise bears fruit. Turns out the world IS ready for the truth. Peace be with you.